Shoestring Thoughts & Free Stuff

I’m feeling compelled to write especially while sleepless and awake at five in the morning. I’ve got everything on my mind from business ideas and ways to improve my life. My birthday is next week and it serves as a reminder of what I’ve accomplished and what I need to accomplish in order to meet my goals and succeed in my future.

If you’re looking for mind candy, I’ve got an overload of useful ideas but this blog is a serious endeavor and I want to do it right. Some good advice to consider about blog-building, creating a shoe-string start-up, or anything else that becomes unique, try checking out Chris Guillebeau and you can find his awesome free PDF guide: 279 Days to Overnight Success! I discovered his blog just a few days ago while scouring the internet during a brainstorming session dedicated to Desert Rat. So much information exists but this is indispensable!

Anyways, I’ve been a natural writer my whole life an advocate for creativity but I do believe we live with a culture that is attention deficit and people want to read things quickly so I’ll keep this sweet. With all the possibilities that exist with the internet, I would like to exploit every opportunity to network with artists and entrepreneurs from all over the the world, and that is part of the grand plan. I don’t want to burn out though so I have a regimen to post regularly to avoid this.

My old blog was West Desert Journal. It was mostly poems and thoughts centered around the environment and the intoxicating beauty of the Desert Southwest but I mostly wrote for myself,  not a bigger audience. It was a form of personal liberation and therapy and I have grown in my outlook. I want to produce valuable content and free resources  for my readers. At the same time, I feel hindered by my own fears to change start something big for the better but I remind myself that the biggest risk that I face is inaction and doing nothing at all.

Some of my fears include worries as to whether I’m going to be able to connect with a substantial audience, garner enough readers, or even be a worthy writer? My biggest fear is failing. So I’m admitting weaknesses and want to be stronger than them. So I’m taking action on my dreams and goals. Taking a business-like approach has reignited my passion to write and perhaps produce something of value!