The Blogging Car Salesman

This is a defining moment in my life working as a sales consultant for Stephen Wade Automotive Group in St. George, Utah. I went from being a wilderness guide to selling cars. That’s a definitive life-style change accompanied by plenty of culture shock between two very different careers but equilibrium has been reached. Both of my sales managers are great people and I’m honored to be working with a good company.

So here’s what’s up, I’m doing this to become a one-percenter; an over-achiever! I’ve got ginormous fish to fry and some of my goals are totally unrealistic. So this is major puzzle piece in a grand scheme to skyrocket my productivity. The reality is here because I chose it. One of my bucket-list items was to become a car salesman. Another one was to live in the Grand Canyon and I did that for a long time. With so many goals accomplished, I’m on coarse be an ultimate jack-of-trades and eclectic, adventure guru!

Life’s good. It’s awesome, actually. Don’t give up on your goals. The Creator will bless you in your journey and efforts!

Southern Utah’s Wall Street – Car Sales


A month ago when I went job hunting my goals were different than most. My vision has evolved since June about life. I want to stay in Southern Utah because it’s home for now. It’s where I feel comfortable. When I started my job search, I was looking for a niche, and a market that has a lot of freedom, and potential to make somewhat of a lucrative profit. I’ve done the research and in rural Southern Utah, selling cars is the way to go if you’re needing money to invest in larger business. Otherwise you’re limited to sheep herding and bailing hay. It’s the truth. So I hope to invest in several micro businesses as my career advances as a car salesman. I know this sounds like a big undertaking, but it’s also a creative, artistic adventure. I’m very excited about what I am doing.

I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate skills learned from selling and marketing new cars. I’ve been in the training for almost three weeks now and will be hitting the sales floor. Brand new Hondas will be my specialty. Not only that, I’m going to be working at the largest new car dealership in my part of the state with an opportunity to promote over ten different automobile brands. It’s not an easy job, but it’s worth the investment to learn and grow and become my own boss. Cars are a commodity, everyone needs them and I’m pretty confident that I’ll do good.

I’m taking notes all across the board and finding ways at being more productive, and doing a lot more in a much shorter amount of time. I’m considering a few Network Marketing MLMs to build a long term income yet this is going to be one small niche in a much grander vision. MLMs get a lot of bad rap, but the beauty is there if you do the work. I’m seeing these as supplimental income to generate while engaged in bigger goals. All of it seems enticing for the sake of adventure and testing different things, schemes, strategies. You gotta try everything at least once, right? If I can outsource some of my efforts, and work while setting up all these little business adventures and divy out bits and pieces of risk, I can see which systems are succeeding or failing.

I’m creating my own brand of creativity and experimentation in this process while building up my experience level. As I’m moving along, I’m figuring out the nuts and bolts. I’m a young buck, good looking and full of life. It’s all in there. The biggest challenge to being a car salesman is the lack of mobility and portability. It’s teaching me structure and how to conform and be less of a footloose vagabond. Being the desert rat isn’t easy in a suit and tie. Although I’ve got an apartment on a mesa overlooking the Arizona Strip in Saint George, Utah. I can can wake up to a wasteland sunrise every morning, and know the warmth.

My goals in life are big and it’s worth the endurance and sacrifice. I want to diversify my portfolio, work experience and education. My main adventures have been the photographer, tour guide, wilderness guide, adventurer, public entertainer, prospector, etc. I’m a jack-of-trades and I’ve been making good money over the years trying out different experiences, from teaching people about the land to selling rocks and gems to rock shops, doing Grand Circle Tours, living in the Grand Canyon, and traveling all over the Southwest – photographing the land. Yeah! Who would like to try these jobs!? I’ve lived my own version of a shortened work week out of the office and on the road or in a canyon, getting paid to do what I LOVE! One thing I’m going to like about selling cars is being my own boss because I’m self-driven. They give us the opportunity to take the initiative without being micro-managed and I’m going to discipline myself to master this structured lifestyle at least for now!

Success Is Yours for the Taking


There is deep in every human soul the instinct to be free. The dream is too strong to keep hidden and it’s only a few who dare consider the unreal. They eventually break away from the spokes and become free. They laugh at risk and are grateful for every blessing. Do you dare to believe in the impossible? Do you see yourself climbing out of the hole to a more beautiful existence above? Does this dream seem unreachable? Let me tell you it’s possible, if you just change your course and take action! Do not let small thinkers who wear frosted goggles cloud your vision. Dream big and bold and you will reach your destiny. The Universe will work overtime in your favor if you believe and work your heart out.

One step at a time is all it takes. You choose the speed. This is what I’ve chosen to do. I’ve become what I’ve always wanted to be. The cords that bind me are no longer around. They are broken, snapped and erased. I’ve become bigger than my excuses. My adventures have been powerful. My love is strong. The beauty of the world is at my doorstep with each sunrise. The morning light is soft and warm because I’m alive and above the ground with the blessing of life. It’s a short life, so waste no time.

Change to become what you wish to be. This is a call to action for you! Do something! Whatever avenue you choose to trail blaze, do not waste another minute with excuses and inaction. The biggest risk you face is doing nothing and that’s what most will do when they settle for anything less than their deepest dreams. So the beauty and freedom are yours if you reach for them, and do the work to travel and journey towards your highest goals. The only person stopping you from getting there is yourself, your fears, and doubts. I promise that if you believe and work hard, success if yours.

That is right, it is yours for the taking if you believe in the impossible. It’s there and you will touch it if you keep working towards it, making it a reality.