So You Want My Money? Well, Listen Up!


My number one goal is to avoid sales and marketing hype and look for golden nuggets in Internet Marketing. If someone values my friendship more than my pocket book they are infinitely more likely to win my business and trust. My number one goal in marketing is to establish friendships with new people and network with them. One thing I dislike are greedy people and desperate incompetence.

Life is short and I’m not going to jeopardize my success to hungry snakes. Earn my trust, build true value with me, and demonstrate your service and you’ll earn my business. Remember, human beings are more important that Green Frog Skins. That’s the most important piece of inside information that you’re going to get from this post, today. We all like money but people are priceless and building lifelong relationships should be the motive in business.

It shouldn’t be about recruiting people but serving people because nobody likes to be sold on something but if you build value, genuine friendship, and love those you deal with, they are more likely to buy.  You’ll find success  when you have genuine desire to see them succeed.