What I hope to accomplish with Desert Rat Executive?

What I hope to do with Desert Rat Executive?

There are several things I hope to accomplish with what I’m doing here. I want to produce more worth-while content and improve my life as a writer. As an individual, I want to skyrocket my productivity level because there is no greater risk than inaction. This is a project to battle inaction and procrastination. A quality life should exemplify personal discipline and eternal progression. This is what I hope to strive towards. I want to improve myself every day and build something of quality. These are my thoughts for now.

Here’s what I’m brainstorming for Desert Rat Executive. Personal initiatives include – Operation Impossible Dreams

  1. Through multiple failures I will discover success. Setting unrealistic goals is an enticing opportunity.
  2. Stay focused. All these little adventures are going to become my most prized experiences and the ultimate resource.
  3. Make this your number #1 bread and butter.
  4. Never stop believing in yourself. Have the confidence to move forward.
  5. Brand and market your life experiences to help others.
  6. Always be honest with yourself and others.
  7. Remind yourself that any day above ground is a good day, as Bob Dylan would sing.
  8. Love and Serve People. Business is about building relationships.
  9. Pay tithing to my church: 10%.
  10. Learn to manage my time more productively.
  11. Create content every day and learn to improve.

More personalized goals for my life here on Earth and why I’m building this site

  1. Finding the girl of my dreams & being the one she’s looking for.
  2. To have a family of my own.
  3. To build wealth, brand myself, and share my experiences being a jack of trades.
  4. get all my debts paid off in full, asap.
  5. A simple four-hour work week producing several thousands of dollars per month.
  6. To have the perfect customized off-road rig.
  7. To be physically fit and ripped and feel better now than I have ever felt before.
  8.  To be a better friend, lover, leader, dreamer, writer, blogger, photographer… etc.