Learning SEO and Copywriting!


So I’ve been obsessed with learning everything about WordPress even though I’m not a Junkie or a hardcore coder by any chance but several companies in the blogging slash content writing world are catching my attention over the last few years and want to share these valuable companies and resources.

  1. Studiopress – Creators of thee best framework and theme for WordPress. If you’re interested in blogging, this is the best upgrade you can give open-source WordPress. In 2012, I purchased the framework. Having tried other themes, after going on a long roundabout tangent, I’m back to using Genesis, and I’ll stick with them for he foreseeable future
  2. Copyblogger – This company also owns Studiopress but several successful bloggers are using their training in order to build authority on the internet. I’ve always wanted to learn effective content writing and plan on signing up for the training once I can pay the $399 per year for it.
  3. The Art of Nonconformity – Chris Guillebeau is one of my favorite book writers. He was one of the main reasons I wanted to learn more about business and living an unconventional lifestyle. Most of the content that Chris provides his followers are FREE. He’s also a great public speaker.
  4. Four Hour Work Week Blog – A lot of people scrutinize the author of New York Best Seller; “Four Hour Work Week” – Tim Ferris, whois an amazing person and one of my greatest inspirations. I read his book and it is awesome. I need to get my hands on another copy because I loaned mine out to a friend who never returned it as promised he would.
  5. Quick Sprout – Nick Patel is another amazing authority of everything SEO… I just barely discovered him last week and plan on learning his methods in the near future as I evolve. He’s the ultimate inspiration in my journey of learning how to build a blog.

So far, this is a list of some of the companies and people that inspire me to learn more about blogging and becoming an entrepreneur. I love WordPress and will be learning and keeping track of what I do, as well as blog about it. As a photographer, I’ve been obsessed with photography and honed my skills in that field for over 15 years. As a writer, I want to practice by keeping a few blogs and updating them weekly. So far, I have four blogs. So check back and learn more as I continue this journey.

Writing Daily for Practice!


So I’ve been doing photography for 15 years, obsessively. I cannot claim to have been naturally talented with it. Quite the contrary. It took a lot of practice and being a geek with my passion. That’s what I tell people who are just starting out learning how to take better photographs. I’ve rubbed off on a few people who had no prior interest in photography but my enthusiasm encouraged them to develop their creativity. I’ve been hearing a lot about applying this same logic to writing daily to develop skill, etc.

So, I’ve revamped four blogs and started writing again. I’m utilizing the StudioPress Genesis Framework on my four WordPress installations and use Media Temple for my hosting. Yes, these blogs are self-hosted and I update the software regularly. I’m blogging as an experiment and to gain experience. Simply writing a few times a day will help me improve my ability to build rich content for my readers, if I actually get a few?

So I’ve got this little bit of curiosity about affiliate marketing and living a life of nonconformity. As a photographer, I’ve managed to live this lifestyle and survive up until now. As they say, I’ve never had the 9-5 job but I have managed to lead of life of outdoor adventure and travel, etc.

Like all things worthwhile, daily practice is essential to developing talents and honing skills down to a formula that works and gets better over time. Regarding the affiliate marketing and learning to write more creatively on a blog, I’ve stumbled across two resources that I may try pretty soon: Copyblogger & Wealthy Affiliate – But I won’t simply pull the trigger on these two learning resources until I learn a bit more about them both. I’ve learned to avoid MLM marketing and anything that has to do with a pyramid styled business.

On that final note, this isn’t about the money, or what may come financially. As a photographer, I am learning how to survive and monetize but I believe in serving others FIRST before doing anything else. I believe money or economic gain comes from building professional networks and helping real friends when they are in need, etc.

Avoid becoming a Car Salesman #LOL!

Seriously! Avoid becoming a car salesman. Stay away from the idea like a plague. When I first started in 2012, I was excited. I thought such a job would embolden me, and give fresh start to becoming self-employed or an entrepreneur. The reality after four months, couldn’t be further from the truth. In conclusion, I believe big car dealers are nothing more than slime-ball marketers, and snake-oil salesmen. It murdered my ambitions and soul and caused me to lose faith in humanity. What an epic FAIL! This blog went off-line, and sat in limbo for a while.

I went back to school at Southern Utah University and now I’m starting out fresh again. It’s 2014, and I’ve been able to build my network to over 100,000 people on social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. I’m first and foremost a photographer but not much of a blogger. I want to change that and write daily. I don’t want to give my thunder to the social networks and I sure as hell don’t want them to OWNING ME. My content belongs on an independent site.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; They are all good for professional marketing and building a brand but they are also just tools. You should not rely on them to be a content management system. Social networks aren’t in the charity biz, and they will OWN YOU eventually if you don’t break away and do your own thang.

Take my advice and put ALL OF YOUR STUFF on an independent site of your own. Utilize the social networks for your marketing. Don’t be addicted to them. Learn how to use them to your advantage in marketing. I’m doing this as I move along, and I’m learning.


In closing, the photo above was shot with an old iPhone 4s at the Stephen Wade Honda Dealer in St. George, Utah, in 2012. These poor saps (salesmen) are shooting the breeze right before closing time. It’s a terrible memory. We dubbed Stephen Wade’s dealership, Thieving Wade, not because of what happened to unsuspecting customers but what happened to the car salesmen, themselves; We literally had to dispute our paychecks with the human resources department every pay-period over earned commissions, etc! To every desert rat out there, stay away from car sales.