Avoid becoming a Car Salesman #LOL!

Seriously! Avoid becoming a car salesman. Stay away from the idea like a plague. When I first started in 2012, I was excited. I thought such a job would embolden me, and give fresh start to becoming self-employed or an entrepreneur. The reality after four months, couldn’t be further from the truth. In conclusion, I believe big car dealers are nothing more than slime-ball marketers, and snake-oil salesmen. It murdered my ambitions and soul and caused me to lose faith in humanity. What an epic FAIL! This blog went off-line, and sat in limbo for a while.

I went back to school at Southern Utah University and now I’m starting out fresh again. It’s 2014, and I’ve been able to build my network to over 100,000 people on social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. I’m first and foremost a photographer but not much of a blogger. I want to change that and write daily. I don’t want to give my thunder to the social networks and I sure as hell don’t want them to OWNING ME. My content belongs on an independent site.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; They are all good for professional marketing and building a brand but they are also just tools. You should not rely on them to be a content management system. Social networks aren’t in the charity biz, and they will OWN YOU eventually if you don’t break away and do your own thang.

Take my advice and put ALL OF YOUR STUFF on an independent site of your own. Utilize the social networks for your marketing. Don’t be addicted to them. Learn how to use them to your advantage in marketing. I’m doing this as I move along, and I’m learning.


In closing, the photo above was shot with an old iPhone 4s at the Stephen Wade Honda Dealer in St. George, Utah, in 2012. These poor saps (salesmen) are shooting the breeze right before closing time. It’s a terrible memory. We dubbed Stephen Wade’s dealership, Thieving Wade, not because of what happened to unsuspecting customers but what happened to the car salesmen, themselves; We literally had to dispute our paychecks with the human resources department every pay-period over earned commissions, etc! To every desert rat out there, stay away from car sales.

Copywriting, Blogging, Book-Publishing & Writing

Yes, ideas are busting out of my head left and right. It’s quite exciting. Either that, or I’m a fast learner. I’ve been reading up and scouring the web looking for information on copywriting, book publishing, creating value, and the art of writing. What I’m learning is so NEW that they are not even teaching it at the institutes for higher education. Seriously, even creative writing professors haven’t learned the value of the internet to producing content and building an audience.

So all this information is useful. The tools I need to get started are being dumped in my lap and I see no reason to follow the status quo with what I choose to write and do. Call this a hobby business for the moment, but it’s become infinitely clear that I was asleep at the wheel all these years, and I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up from his 20 year nap. Where have I been with all this change taking place?

The world of the internet and blogging has completely changed from an elephant to a giraffe and I have all this new stuff to learn and master but it should be easy. Yes, I know exactly what I want to do for Desert Rat Executive!

The Entrepreneur Niche


This blog hinges on Entrepreneurship. To me, this word stands for freedom, becoming an authoritative voice, and helping other achieve their goals to break away from the status quo and survive happily on their own. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean making lots of money, working endless hours, or getting burned out. It should begin as a hobby-business that’s low-key. Laying one brick at a time, you can build it up, and focus on the content that’s important to you.

What I want to achieve with Desert Rat Executive is to build a community of like-minded individuals who I can bounce ideas off of while I’m facing this journey we call life. I’d like to find other blogs who have similar visions and feature them on here, or at least mention them. I’ve been discovering one community after another based on the enterprising idea of living without a boss, and paving your own destiny.

I’ve been doing this for about seven years. It’s been both tricky, but rewarding. I’ve had many trials during the process. In the summer I’ve worked giving tours around the Southwest, taking foreign tourists to national parks and monuments and across the Navajo Reservation. I’ve spent a lot of time teaching people the Geology, History, Anthropology, and everything about the land. When it comes to teaching people the heritage, it’s hard to separate the land from the stories. All the details weave themselves together where time and place are concerned. If you came with me on this journey, you would see how the land tells the majority of the stories, I just play a become the narrator.

Aside from all this, This blog isn’t to necessarily about making money. It’s more concerned with creating value to a community of like-minded individuals. As an artist, photographer, and writer, this would help me grow and I want to relay these stories and experiences to a close-knit community of friends and the rare traveler who finds something worth keeping!

There’s a lot of people blogging within the niche of entrepreneurship but I’m a traveler, and a dreamer. I’ve also been called the storyteller. My love for the land, the Earth, and it’s history is indispensible and it’s what sets me apart from many suit-and-tie minded city-slickers. Hence, the first part of the title is Desert Rat. We also live in a free-world, and everything is dictated by a free-market system, so I throw Executive into the. I’ve got my own interpretation of “executive” and what it means. Look it up in a dictionary to see how broadly defined this term can become.

The hardest part of starting this from scratch was coming up with a decent title. It took over a week just to think of the best suitable name for my blog. It was the starting point. Now, it’s the beginning. It started like the Big-Bang, with everything pouring out of my imagination. This is a real vision and it’s not going to simply burn out. It has awakened a passion in me that’s been simmering for years!

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