The Entrepreneur Niche


This blog hinges on Entrepreneurship. To me, this word stands for freedom, becoming an authoritative voice, and helping other achieve their goals to break away from the status quo and survive happily on their own. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean making lots of money, working endless hours, or getting burned out. It should begin as a hobby-business that’s low-key. Laying one brick at a time, you can build it up, and focus on the content that’s important to you.

What I want to achieve with Desert Rat Executive is to build a community of like-minded individuals who I can bounce ideas off of while I’m facing this journey we call life. I’d like to find other blogs who have similar visions and feature them on here, or at least mention them. I’ve been discovering one community after another based on the enterprising idea of living without a boss, and paving your own destiny.

I’ve been doing this for about seven years. It’s been both tricky, but rewarding. I’ve had many trials during the process. In the summer I’ve worked giving tours around the Southwest, taking foreign tourists to national parks and monuments and across the Navajo Reservation. I’ve spent a lot of time teaching people the Geology, History, Anthropology, and everything about the land. When it comes to teaching people the heritage, it’s hard to separate the land from the stories. All the details weave themselves together where time and place are concerned. If you came with me on this journey, you would see how the land tells the majority of the stories, I just play a become the narrator.

Aside from all this, This blog isn’t to necessarily about making money. It’s more concerned with creating value to a community of like-minded individuals. As an artist, photographer, and writer, this would help me grow and I want to relay these stories and experiences to a close-knit community of friends and the rare traveler who finds something worth keeping!

There’s a lot of people blogging within the niche of entrepreneurship but I’m a traveler, and a dreamer. I’ve also been called the storyteller. My love for the land, the Earth, and it’s history is indispensible and it’s what sets me apart from many suit-and-tie minded city-slickers. Hence, the first part of the title is Desert Rat. We also live in a free-world, and everything is dictated by a free-market system, so I throw Executive into the. I’ve got my own interpretation of “executive” and what it means. Look it up in a dictionary to see how broadly defined this term can become.

The hardest part of starting this from scratch was coming up with a decent title. It took over a week just to think of the best suitable name for my blog. It was the starting point. Now, it’s the beginning. It started like the Big-Bang, with everything pouring out of my imagination. This is a real vision and it’s not going to simply burn out. It has awakened a passion in me that’s been simmering for years!

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Howto Escape the Life-Sucking Corporate Beast


My Thoughts on this Very Important Matter: Escaping the BEAST!

Corporations in my belief are composed of people who follow rules, need guidance and management, and don’t know know how to take control of their lives. If you adhere to the status quo and are stifled by fear and need “job security” to feel good about your reality, then you need to be just keep doing what you’re doing and walk away from this post. Not all corporations are bad, mind you, some are an exception to the rule but many of them are slave-masters, and fall under the hood of Corporate Beasts. They are essential to creating worker beehives that make a of those kingpins at the top, filthy rich. I see it like a pyramid scheme and in some ways it isn’t much better than worst MLMs that exploit people and rip em off, where it matters most. If you think pyramid schemes distasteful and unethical, you need to realize that many corporations are killers of human creativity like a cryptanite on the spirit. For me, they have become the epitome of everything I hate about Capitalism and Free-Market.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Capitalism, and I believe in the Free-Market. I just don’t want to be the worker bee constantly trying to survive and find job security. Where the future is uncertain, my biggest goal is in motion, to break free of the retirement mentality. I’m a rugged individualist, and I’ve only been briefly employed by corporations, here and there, because try to avoid their power to smother the human spirit and rob people of their time on Earth and all hard working efforts. No amount of money is worth the time they suck out of their worker bees!

Breaking away from the corporate beast means an escaping the financial peasantry and slavery. That’s what it is, wage-slavery. I’m the Desert Rat and whenever I have to deal with the bad corporation it inflames my passion to create my own destiny and defy the traditional ways of thinking and considering. I hate the square cubicle culture of the Free-Market; I hate the status quo of what this majority thinks and I’m the opposite of a traditionalist in this regard almost to the point of being a staunch critic of Western Civilization.

So call me the Desert Rat, because I’m happy innovating and designing my own lifestyle, and I will liberate my soul from the beast, reinvent myself, and trail-blaze a path to a future of my choosing. The biggest tragedy in the free-market-world is when people choose to live a life of misery and settle for the existence of being a worker-bee.

The free-market itself is not inherently evil. It’s the oppression that people feel in the heart, where inaction is the crutch and people accept their mundane existence. If you wake up, dream, and REALIZE that YOU are the key to becoming FREE, then you can make the CHOICE to LIBERATE YOURSELF! That’s the truth. Whenever I have to negotiate with a corporation, or utilize their necessary evils, it serves as a reminder of what my real vision is, and propels me to know that I’m a sovereign entity battling their oppression. I’m an executive of the desert. I’m a FREE SPIRIT. The Creator has inspired me. The world is conformity, and I’m different as a rebel to that normalcy. This is a great quote and becomes key to changing your outlook:

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” -Alan Keightley

So take this truth and realize it! Begin to believe it, and start changing your attitude at this very moment, not a nanosecond later! Today is the first starting point in your life where you want to make this change for the better. The time is NOW to act. Are you afraid to take any action against your life of ordinary conformity!? Are you frightened of risk and breaking free of the beast, not knowing where to land? Well. the time is NOW to start thinking about all of this and putting a plan of action together… Thats what I’m doing! The time has arrived to plant this seed of defiance, and to create the life that you only dream of. If you wait too long, you will take those dreams and hopes to the grave, six feet under, and they will be forgotten to the sands of time. You’re biggest defeat will be your own inaction.  The single biggest risk you face is also your inaction! If you do nothing at all, you have only yourself to blame for the oppression your facing in life. It’s not the government or even the corporate beast… It is YOU! Are you going to fall back on inaction, and excuses? If you choose to remain passive and ignore this advice, then sobeit and enjoy your continued life uninspired misery!

What I hope to accomplish with Desert Rat Executive?

What I hope to do with Desert Rat Executive?

There are several things I hope to accomplish with what I’m doing here. I want to produce more worth-while content and improve my life as a writer. As an individual, I want to skyrocket my productivity level because there is no greater risk than inaction. This is a project to battle inaction and procrastination. A quality life should exemplify personal discipline and eternal progression. This is what I hope to strive towards. I want to improve myself every day and build something of quality. These are my thoughts for now.

Here’s what I’m brainstorming for Desert Rat Executive. Personal initiatives include – Operation Impossible Dreams

  1. Through multiple failures I will discover success. Setting unrealistic goals is an enticing opportunity.
  2. Stay focused. All these little adventures are going to become my most prized experiences and the ultimate resource.
  3. Make this your number #1 bread and butter.
  4. Never stop believing in yourself. Have the confidence to move forward.
  5. Brand and market your life experiences to help others.
  6. Always be honest with yourself and others.
  7. Remind yourself that any day above ground is a good day, as Bob Dylan would sing.
  8. Love and Serve People. Business is about building relationships.
  9. Pay tithing to my church: 10%.
  10. Learn to manage my time more productively.
  11. Create content every day and learn to improve.

More personalized goals for my life here on Earth and why I’m building this site

  1. Finding the girl of my dreams & being the one she’s looking for.
  2. To have a family of my own.
  3. To build wealth, brand myself, and share my experiences being a jack of trades.
  4. get all my debts paid off in full, asap.
  5. A simple four-hour work week producing several thousands of dollars per month.
  6. To have the perfect customized off-road rig.
  7. To be physically fit and ripped and feel better now than I have ever felt before.
  8.  To be a better friend, lover, leader, dreamer, writer, blogger, photographer… etc.