Trying to Boot Reign & Bang Energy Drinks

Yesterday was the FIRST DAY in like three years I went without an energy drink. I avoid the sugary ones: only usually pick Bang or Reign. Well, I went without for the first time, and took a 200mg caffeine tablet instead but still caught some withdrawal symptoms and even a headache this morning.

Upon waking up this morning I realize, how much of a slave I’ve been do these drink products but I have been rationalizing that relationship as some sort of twisted liberating freedom! When I’m forking out over $2 a day for this drink, I realize that is a toll and it’s not liberating me.

Water is fairly dirt cheap in comparison and while $2 a day might not seem like much, it does add up! I’m feeling a sense of strength to try and see if I can completely boot this otherwise mundane and toxic energy drink intake?

Listen, it’s NOT the caffeine I’m against. I think caffeine has certain health benefits; it’s everything else in these proprietary corporate brews that I’m concerned about where long term health is concerned and even though I’m taking caffeine tabs to wean me away from these drinks, I’m still suffering symptoms of withdrawing from these energy drinks and this is going to also include beverages like Diet Sodas. It’s all-too-easy to drink our favorite poisons.

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