IFTTT (If This…Then That)!


One little service called IFTTT just completely revolutionized and reinvigorated my desire to start blogging again. Please see ifttt.com/ for more details. They also have some pretty amazing iOS apps for the iPhone as well that you should install. Be careful because these apps are LOADED with potential! I’ve started automating my postings on social networks to my wordpress blog and vice-versa; a solution that even a decade worth of WP Plugins would not be able to achieve without a lot of tedious hacking of the platform. For example: whenever I post an image to 500PX, Flickr, or Instagram my images automagically appear on my home photoblog at talkingtree.org – as independent posts. Combine this with the magic of Jetpack’s Publicize tool, and you pretty much take out the leg-work of posting on each social network to update the content. Yes, not everything should be automated, I know but weren’t computers supposed our slaves or at least work for us? Instead, we have become slaves to them being chained to the mouse!

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