The Blogging Car Salesman

This is a defining moment in my life working as a sales consultant for Stephen Wade Automotive Group in St. George, Utah. I went from being a wilderness guide to selling cars. That’s a definitive life-style change accompanied by plenty of culture shock between two very different careers but equilibrium has been reached. Both of my sales managers are great people and I’m honored to be working with a good company.

So here’s what’s up, I’m doing this to become a one-percenter; an over-achiever! I’ve got ginormous fish to fry and some of my goals are totally unrealistic. So this is major puzzle piece in a grand scheme to skyrocket my productivity. The reality is here because I chose it. One of my bucket-list items was to become a car salesman. Another one was to live in the Grand Canyon and I did that for a long time. With so many goals accomplished, I’m on coarse be an ultimate jack-of-trades and eclectic, adventure guru!

Life’s good. It’s awesome, actually. Don’t give up on your goals. The Creator will bless you in your journey and efforts!

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