Are You Stronger Than Your Excuses?


I’m up bright and early and enthusiastic. This is me, the desert rat. I’m experimenting with life and living it to the fullest. Some things just come natural to me with little or no effort. Currently I’m suffering from a overload of inspiration and my biggest challenge is learning how to funnel the endless ideas, thoughts, and dreams that are pouring through my imagination. I want organize them coherently but with the least amount of effort.

So I guess I’ll start experimenting instead letting them fester. With ease, I’ve already started writing all these ideas down in a mole-skin notebook which I’m taking everywhere I go order to capture all these insights. You see, this is the power of universe working over-time for you but it’s all up to you to make it happen. Success doesn’t come knocking on the door. It’s expected of you to take action and hit the pavement. So this is my call to action – take some kind of massive leap of faith and start doing instead of being complacent. Ask yourself; are you stronger than your excuses?

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